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Grindstone Advertising Lynette Whittaker



Chief whip, creative counsellor, controller of chaos and think tank, Lynette has been in the creative industry for almost 18 years. With her passion for marketing, brilliant design and her constant commitment to the growth of her clients’ businesses, she is now proudly heading a team of strong creatives and other professionals, ensuring only the best marketing and design solutions are delivered to clients.

Ever a student, she has studied and completed courses and training in various fields, ranging from fine arts, design, and animation, to marketing management, social media management, and project management. She even knows how to read a dumpy level on a construction site!

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We don’t just give you one great person for your project, we give you a whole team of amazing and unique talents. Our team bring a wealth of creative personalities together to work on each project, and we challenge each other to think outside the box.

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Bernadene Claassens


Bernadene grew up talking endlessly. To keep her busy (or possibly to keep her family sane), she was enrolled at a modelling school at five years old and obtained her modelling Teacher’s Certificate at a young age. Bernadene’s love for people has led her to a career as a restaurant operations manager, and more recently, developing an unexpected passion working for a funeral agency, before joining our more lively office, here at Grindstone.

Grindstone Advertising Klea Ferreira

Klea Ferreira


Klea was born curious…her first word was ‘more’ . Soaking up skills and knowledge from an early age, she has found her niche in the diverse world of design and advertising and has never looked back. In her free time, she’s usually off exploring with her husband and two kiddies while cataloguing everything with her camera as she goes.

Grindstone Advertising Clint Pillay

Clint Pillay


When Clint was a kid, a tree fell on him, but because he doesn’t have a scar to prove it, nobody believes him. He also summited Mount Everest once, but because he didn’t take a selfie on the peak, nobody believes him. Beer tastes best when it’s slightly colder than room temperature, but who’s going to believe that, right? Anyway, Clint’s a marketer and he loves design. Believe that.

Karen Kilian


The smiley face, as you walk through the Grindstone office front door, is one of our latest team additions. Karen joined Grindstone Advertising in March 2022. She sees the move as a true blessing and was attracted by our high standards, work ethics, and reputation. Karen makes the most of her personal time spending quality moments with her family. Her family are her life, and Karen has embraced our Grindstone family with open arms.

Neill du Toit


Neill’s appetite for anything related to technology is ever-growing. Fresh out of school, and straight into the workforce, Neill was thrown into the deep end, having to learn terms like “SEO” and “PPC”. Thankfully he’s a sponge for information, and it wasn’t long before he was moulded into our SEM guru. Neill has a dream of flying a plane, and would love to travel the globe one day.

Esther Jacobs


Esther’s passion for writing can be traced back to her primary school years, when she designed a poetry book, then persuaded her school to publish it. She now has over 20yrs of experience in copywriting, and 10yrs of social media management. Esther left the cooler Scottish climate in 2011, to follow her other passion… sharks. In 2015, she founded a shark and ocean conservation initiative called Keep Fin Alive.

André Carstens


André loves to live healthily; eating vegetables, exercising for a few minutes, and then gobbling up a whole cheesecake… because life is about balance. If you ask him what he loves the most in life, he’ll quickly respond with ”Rufus” (pictured!). He seamlessly slotted into our dynamic team. By using his innovative writing ability, he has proven himself a valuable asset, not only to our team but to our clients as well.

Ferencz Szucs


Ferencz is Hungarian in origin meaning "Frenchman or free man". An avid dabbler in the Arts from an early age, soon, an infatuation with music emerged. After watching endless skateboarding videos, he was spellbound by the exposures (pun intended) and made an impulsive decision to switch his studies from music to photography. Since then, he’s been climbing the perpetual ladder of unlearning and learning, evolving and absorbing.


Nicolaas Steenekamp


Nicolaas is a graphic designer, developer, photographer, musician and writer. After he received a BA degree in Creative Brand Communications in 2014, he worked as a graphic designer, translator and Afrikaans copywriter at various corporate groups. In his free-time he enjoys summiting all the peaks of the Outeniqua Mountain range or attempting to break his PB on a half-marathon.

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